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Why does the price of cordless drill vary so much?

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2022/03/10 15:23
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First of all, the difference in cost: Some machines use economical carbon brush motors, and some high-end products use brushless motors. For example, Nantong Chuangming Power Tools Co., Ltd. uses all-copper brushless motors, which increases the service life by 30% compared with similar brushless products.
Secondly, the gear material is different: Nantong Chuangming Power Tools use ADC12 alloy metal gear housing to increase the field durability and prolong the service life of the machine and improve the work efficiency.
Battery quality: At present, low-quality batteries are mostly used in the market, and the battery capacity is falsely marked (for example, 2.0Ah battery is marked with 4.0Ah, and 18V is marked with 36V) to reduce the price and disrupt the market.
The only way to tell the quality of a machine is to test it yourself, not just by its appearance. You can check the quality of the product at a price to a certain extent.


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