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Brushless Dual Speed Drill

Chuangming Electric Tools is a high-tech enterprise specializing in independent research and development, design, production, and sales of electric tools in China. It mainly produces angle grinders, AC brushless angle grinders, sanders, electric drills, electric hammers, electric picks, and other electric tools, with stable and reliable quality.


Keywords: AC brushless, AC brushless, DC series


voltage 20V
Speed adjustment 2 speeds
No-load speed 0-500/0-1700r/min
Gripping capacity 1.5-13mm self-locking
Drilling diameter 40mm (wood)
13mm (steel)
Self-tapping screws 6.0*75mm(Wood)
12#6mm thickness (steel)
Maximum torque 40N.m
net weight 1.22kg


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Our products include more than ten major categories, including electric hammers, electric picks, angle grinders, electric drills, stone cutting machines, electric circular saws, sanding machines, electric grinders, curve saws, hot air guns, polishing machines, etc.


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