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How to buy power tools

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2019/05/08 11:22
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1) First of all, according to their own needs, the difference is in household or professional use, usually the difference between professional power tools and general household power tools is mainly in power, professional power tools are more powerful, general household tools. The power is small, the input power is also small and compact, and the highly integrated power tool is more convenient in use than the bulky and single-function product. Therefore, when you choose a power tool that is rich in functions, small in size, simple in structure, and easy to store, you need to purchase a package with a clear case. The power tool that is not damaged by the power tool looks normal, and the plastic parts are complete. Bright development wire and dent, no scratches or bumps, the relevant paint is smooth and beautiful without defects, the surface of the machine is free of oil and stains, the handle of the switch is flat, the length of the wire and cable is generally not clear than the 2M power tool. , parameters, manufacturers, certificates, etc. all have hand holding tools, turn on the power, frequently operate the switch, make the tool start frequently, observe whether the on/off function of the tool switch is reliable, whether it affects the TV/fluorescent lamp on the spot, etc. Determine whether the tool is equipped with anti-interference suppressor power tool for 1 minute, and feel the vibration condition and observe the reversing spark,
whether the air inlet is normal or not.
(2) Select a power tool whose noise is within the allowable range.
(3) Select a power tool that is easy to repair and easy to get accessories and easy to get accessories.
(4) Select the power tool to pay attention to the power supply voltage. Generally, the hand-held power tool needs to provide 220V mains power as the energy driver. Do not connect to the 380V industrial power, otherwise the machine will be damaged.
Power tool purchase tips
1. If you often drill holes in concrete walls, then a two-kilogram hammer is your best choice. Thanks to the cylinder structure of the hammer, the beating force is very high and has a beating frequency of 1,000 to 3,000 per minute, which produces significant forces, making it easy to drill holes in concrete walls. Equipped with a adapter rod and a conventional electric drill chuck, it can also complete the hand drill function to achieve the purpose of multi-purpose. It is the speed control hammer + adapter rod + 13 mm drill chuck, only a few hundred dollars, and then with a few commonly used drill bits, then most of your home renovation tasks can be completed.
2. If drilling in addition to concrete, but also drilling holes in wood and metal, and drilling holes below 10 mm on concrete, you can consider impact drills. Impact drills rely on helical gears to produce impact, and the impact force is not as good as electric hammer.
3. If you often tighten or loosen the screws, or punch holes in the wood or iron plate, you can buy a rechargeable electric screwdriver, which is the most convenient tool in these two aspects. A rechargeable electric screwdriver with a set of screwdriver heads makes it easy to get the job at hand.
4, hand drill everyone must know that it is suitable for drilling holes in wood or iron, but do not expect it to be drilled on the concrete wall, it is easy to damage the machine, one hand drill is the most economical The power tools, even imported, only cost a few hundred dollars.
5, jig saw, if your hands-on ability is very strong, you can do some furniture or styling, then you need to jig saw, the appropriate saw blade, wooden board, iron plate, plastic plate, stainless steel, etc. will soon Work out your ideal shape under your hand. You can choose from a variety of jigsaws to create your own look.


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