How to purchase electric tools Introduction to purchasing tips for electric tools

1) Firstly, the difference should be based on one's own needs, whether it is for home use or professional use. Generally, the difference between professional and general household electric tools is mainly in terms of power. Professional electric tools have higher power, while general household tools have lower power and smaller input power. Highly integrated electric tools have a higher convenience of use than large and single function products. Therefore, it is recommended to choose electric tools with rich functions, compact size, simple structure, and easy storage. When purchasing electric tools, it is necessary to choose clear and undamaged external packaging. The appearance of the electric tools should be normal, the plastic parts should be intact, without obvious shadows or dents, scratches or bumps, the relevant coatings should be smooth and beautiful without defects, the surface of the entire machine should be free of oil and stains, and the handle of the switch should be flat, The length of wires and cables is generally not less than 2M. The relevant markings of electric tools are clear and complete, with parameters, manufacturer, and certificate of conformity. The tools should be held by hand, connected to the power supply, and frequently operated to make the tools start frequently. Observe whether the on-off function of the tool switch is reliable, and whether it affects the television/fluorescent lights on site, in order to determine whether the tools are equipped with anti-interference suppressors. The electric tools should be powered on and run for 1 minute, Feel the vibration and observe if the reversing spark, air inlet, etc. are normal.


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